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Frequently Asked Questions, including shipping, returns, and more information.

Shipping: Our shipping rate is a flat $9.99. We ship only to addresses in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. International customers are responsible for all tariffs and fees.

Returns: Returns are accepted within 30 days so long as the returned goods are in new, resellable condition. For health reasons, we cannot accept open tea.

When will I get my package? Wait time is generally a week. We ship 95% of our packages by USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day service), with heavier packages going by UPS Ground.

Special Orders: We order Special Order teas from the supplier immediately when you order them from us. It takes 5-8 days to receive them here, then we ship them off immediately to you.

What about allergies? If you are concerned about allergens, please contact us prior to order. We can look up allergens in nearly every tea we carry. Be aware that most of our teas are processed in a facility with almond, coconut, hazelnut, walnut, dairy, soy lecithin, and sulfur dioxide/sulfites present. Additional allergens may be present in specific teas. Also, our incense is made with top-quality, perfume grade oils. If you are allergic to perfume, you will probably be allergic to our incense.

Who do I make my check or money order out to? Dreaming Gates, our parent company.

Is there an extra wait time for checks? Yes, we require all checks to clear before shipping off packages.

How do I contact Coy o'Teas? Please see our Contact page.

How do you store your teas? We keep our teas in a cool, dark area separated into plastic bins. They are protected from dust, germs, and negative energy.

You have some unusual "Uses" for some of your products - What do I do? Yes, we try to include unique ideas including tradition, alternative healing, folklore, plus some New Age, metaphysics, and a bit of magick as well. If you don't believe in such things, that is perfectly okay: you can enjoy our products just fine. None of it will hurt you. Just treat it like ordinary stuff, and everything will be okay. :) On the other paw, if you do dabble in such things, please feel free to consider our "Uses" as suggestions and inspiration.