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Cherry Black Tea (medium)

Cherry Black Tea (medium)

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Date Added: Thursday 21 January, 2021

by Eric Schwartz

Cherry Black Tea is delicious brewed hot and fresh, a strong tea flavor with definite cherry coming through. However, I don't recommend it cold-brewed, the cherry flavor does not come through that way. It is also pretty sensitive to over-steeping and will get bitter if abused, but your attention to it while steeping will be rewarded.
It is great when made just right. One spoon in the tea ball, water that has cooled one minute from boiling, and no more than 5 minutes steeping time. Benefits a lot from a little bit of sweetener, and a little from a dash of half & half.

Rating: 5 of 5 Paws! [5 of 5 Paws!]

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