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Tea - Pumpkin Spice (4oz)+Clearance

Tea - Pumpkin Spice (4oz)+Clearance
4oz gourmet naturally-flavored black tea, in a triple-layer bag with wire closure.

From the manufacturer: Caffeine medium. Notes of cinnamon and pumpkin abound. Cup is like the nip in the air during Northern autumns.

Keywords: spice, fruit

+ This is a clearance product--it is not as fresh as our regular stock so its taste may be inferior.
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5 x Raspberry Black Tea (500g)*
5 x Vanilla and Cinnamon Black Tea (500g)*
2 x Tangerine Black Tea (500g)*
3 x Raspberry Honey Black Tea (500g)*
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1 x Berry Berry Fruit & Herb Blend (500g)*
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