German Gingerbread (500g)*

German Gingerbread (500g)*
Flavored black tea in a 500g (1.1 lb), vacuum-sealed, nitrogen-flushed foil package. Makes 200-250 cups brewed.

From the Manufacturer: Caffeine medium. Lusciously ginger and sweet cinnamon. Think of Christmas markets in Hamburg and the aromas, the laughter - the enjoyment.

keywords: dessert, cookie, caffeine:medium

* this is a special order product.
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6 x Myrrh Resin
4 x Tea - Cookies and Cream (sample) + Clearance
4 x Springberry Fruit & Herb Blend (500g)*
1 x Mulled Spice Black Tea (500g)*
5 x Passionfruit Tea (500g)*
3 x Maple Cream Tea (500g)*
5 x Farmer's Mkt Kettle Korn Black Tea (500g)*
4 x Strawberry Black Tea (500g)*
6 x English Breakfast Black Tea (500g)*
2 x Pineapple Black Tea (500g)*
10 x Green: Genmaicha Yamasaki Exotic Tea (500g)*
6 x Benzoin Resin
2 x Mandarin Tea (500g)*
4 x Panettone (vanilla-lemon) Tea (500g)*
2 x Papaya Tea (500g)*
5 x Maple Peach Tea (500g)*
4 x Strawberry DECAF Black Tea (500g)*
3 x Mint Black Tea (500g)*
2 x Night of the Iguana Chocolate Chai Black Tea (500g)*
3 x Ginger Tea (500g)*
2 x Pumpkin Spice Black Tea (500g)*
4 x Pina Colada Tea (500g)*
5 x Tea - Buttered Rum (4oz) + Clearance
9 x White: Adams Peak Exotic Tea (500g)*
3 x White: Panda Pearls Exotic Tea (500g)*
3 x Monks Blend Tea (500g)*
2 x Peach Lift Black Tea (500g)*
4 x Tropical Fire (cinnamon-fruity) Black Tea (500g)*
2 x Jamaican Rum Tea (500g)*
4 x Copal Resin
4 x Vanilla Cream Black Tea (500g)*
4 x Study Buddy Fruit & Herb Blend (500g)*
6 x Tea - Vanilla (4oz)+Clearance
1 x Strawberry Shortcake Black Tea (500g)*
5 x White: Snow Dragon Exotic Tea (500g)*
3 x Tea - Buttered Rum (sample) + Clearance
7 x Melon Tea (500g)*
6 x Tea - Blueberry (sample) + Clearance
7 x Monks Blend DECAF Tea (500g)*
4 x Tea - Cherry (sample) + Clearance
2 x Tea - Almond (sample) + Clearance
4 x Tea - Apple (4oz) +Clearance
5 x Tea - Cookies and Cream (4oz) + Clearance
2 x Mango Mist Tea (500g)*
2 x Cookies and Cream Black Tea (500g)*
3 x Tea - Peach Lift (sample) +Clearance
3 x Tea - Pumpkin Spice (4oz)+Clearance
4 x White Chocolate Mousse Black Tea (500g)*
3 x Green Tea - Sencha, decaf (4oz) + Clearance
4 x Rose Black Tea (500g)*
3 x Peaches & Cream Black Tea (500g)*
2 x Vanilla Bean Flan Black Tea (500g)*
4 x Raspberry Black Tea (500g)*
4 x Vanilla and Cinnamon Black Tea (500g)*
2 x Tangerine Black Tea (500g)*
2 x Raspberry Honey Black Tea (500g)*
1 x Sugar Shack Smokey Maple Black Tea (500g)*
1 x Strawberry Honey Black Tea (500g)*
1 x Maple Blueberry Tea (500g)*
1 x Apple Black Tea (medium)
1 x Boysenberry Black Tea (500g)*
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