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Patchouli Sticks (25 pack)

Retail: $5.99   $3.99

Patchouli incense sticks (25 pack). Single scent - sweet and earthy.

Strongly scented and made fresh by hand in the USA, these sticks are spiritually charged and blessed. Made from wood punk - charcoal free!

You will not find a stronger, better incense than this! Made on-site when you order.

Traditional Uses...

Money, physical energy, lust.

For money, light the incense and breathe out through the smoke. Put your will into it and \"reach out\" with it, having the smoke reach out with your will to find money and bring it back to you. Envision wealth (however it manifests to you), and picture that wealth surrounding you. (Make sure also to surround yourself and that vision of wealth with white Light.)

For physical energy, burn the incense before or during your activity to gain energy. Do not burn too much, for you need oxygen in your veins!

For lust, burn Patchouli in the bedroom just before adult playtime.

Important: this information has not been approved by the FDA. It may include tradition, alternative healing, and folklore. Please visit a doctor for serious illness!

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Patchouli, incense, money, lust, physical energy
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