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Dragon's Blood Sticks (25 pack)

Retail: $5.99   $3.99

Dragon's Blood incense sticks (25 pack). Single scent - thick and rich, with a sweet note. Traditionally used for sexual potency and protection.

Strongly scented and made fresh by hand in the USA, these sticks are spiritually charged and blessed. Made from wood punk - charcoal free!

You will not find a stronger, better incense than this! Made on-site when you order.

Traditional Uses...

Sexual potency and protection. For potency, burn this incense while naked. (Potency can apply to either male or female, to treat impotency or frigidity, or simple lack of desire.) Waft the smoke toward the privates and toward the root chakra. Envision the smoke filling that area of the body and spirit, flooding it with bold red light. The power of the incense will bring strength to the loins and the mind.

For protection, Dragon\'s Blood mades a strong fortification around the worker. Draw a circle around you with the smoke and sit in the middle of that smoke to do your work.

Important: this information has not been approved by the FDA. It may include tradition, alternative healing, and folklore. Please visit a doctor for serious illness!

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