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Image Product Code Price
Image Product Code Price
 Benzoin Resin     Benzoin Resin H-BENZOIN-oz  $2.99
 Copal Resin     Copal Resin H-COPAL-oz  $2.99
 Frankincense Resin     Frankincense Resin H-FRANK-oz  $2.99
 Myrrh Resin     Myrrh Resin H-MYRRH-oz  $2.99
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 Brass Screen Burner     Brass Screen Burner IB-BSCREEN  $8.99
 Charcoal, 3 Kings 33mm     Charcoal, 3 Kings 33mm IB-CHARC  $5.99
 Metal Tongs     Metal Tongs IB-TONGS  $5.99
 Tea Bag - reusable cotton     Tea Bag - reusable cotton TA-CTN35  $0.99
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 Celtic Dragon Pendant     Celtic Dragon Pendant J-CELTDRAG  $11.99
 Celtic Knot of Life     Celtic Knot of Life J-CKLIFE  $9.99
 Celtic Moon Necklace     Celtic Moon Necklace J-CMOON  $11.99
 Flowery Pentacle     Flowery Pentacle J-FLPENT  $9.99
 Golden Leaves Necklace     Golden Leaves Necklace J-GOLDLEAF  $11.99
 Green Man Necklace     Green Man Necklace J-GREENMAN  $11.99
 Howling Pendant     Howling Pendant J-HOWLING  $11.99
 Natural Pentacle     Natural Pentacle J-NATPENT  $9.99
 Winged Heart Necklace     Winged Heart Necklace J-WINGHEART  $8.99
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 Cinnamon (1 oz)     Cinnamon (1 oz) H-CINNA-oz  $2.99
 Peppermint     Peppermint H-MINTP-oz  $2.99
 Spearmint     Spearmint H-MINTS-oz  $2.99
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 Deluxe Gift Basket     Deluxe Gift Basket G-GIFTBKT  $29.99
 Deluxe Three Pack     Deluxe Three Pack G-TRIPLE-dx  $19.50
 Gift Couple Pack     Gift Couple Pack g-couple  $11.99
Image Product Code Price
Image Product Code Price
 Honey Tea (500g)*     Honey Tea (500g)* T-FLAVB-500_Honey  $29.99
 Maple Tea (500g)*     Maple Tea (500g)* T-FLAVB-500_Maple  $29.99
 Melon Tea (500g)*     Melon Tea (500g)* T-FLAVB-500_Melon  $29.99
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8 x Oolong: Super Butterfly Wuyi Oolong Exotic Tea (500g)*
15 x White: Adams Peak Exotic Tea (500g)*
2 x Tea - Monks Blend (4oz) + Clearance
8 x Tea - Indian Mocha Chai (sample) + Clearance
7 x Charcoal, 3 Kings 33mm
2 x Tea - Cookies and Cream (4oz) + Clearance
5 x Tea - Cherry (4oz) + Clearance
7 x White: Darjeeling White Tips Exotic Tea (500g)*
6 x Brass Screen Burner
3 x Mint Green Tea (500g)*
11 x Green: Dragon Pearls Exotic Tea (500g)*
4 x Tea - Almond (4oz) + Clearance
5 x Green: Monkey Eye Exotic Tea (500g)*
6 x Measuring Spoon for 1 cup of tea
8 x Apple Black Tea (medium)
5 x Maple Black Tea (medium)
3 x Chocolate Mint Black Tea (1.1lb/500g)
6 x Black: Golden Heaven Yunnan Exotic Tea (500g)*
7 x Long Island Strawberry Green Tea (500g)*
1 x Brazilian Guava Black Tea (500g)*
3 x Green: Madame Butterfly Jasmine Exotic Tea (500g)*
1 x Irish Breakfast Tea (500g)*
2 x Indian Mocha Chai Black Tea (medium)
5 x Celtic Wolf Scent Pendant
4 x Winged Heart Necklace
5 x Caramel Cherry Cheesecake Black Tea (medium)
5 x Tea Infuser - Mesh Ball
4 x Celtic Moon Necklace
2 x Farmer's Mkt Kettle Korn Black Tea (med)
8 x Flowery Pentacle
3 x Buttered Rum Black Tea (medium)
3 x Island Coconut Black Tea (medium)
4 x Tea - Monk's Blend (sample) +Clearance
6 x Howling Pendant
2 x Tea - Almond (sample) + Clearance
3 x Peppermint
2 x Rose Black Tea (medium)
4 x Spearmint
1 x Angel Falls Mist Fruit & Herb Blend (500g)*
3 x Gift Couple Pack
5 x Natural Pentacle
3 x Cinnamon (1 oz)
1 x Earl Grey Black Tea (500g)*
3 x Black: Monkey Picked Golden Exotic Tea (500g)*
1 x Black Forest (chocolate-cherry-cream) Black Tea (500g)*
1 x Black Currant Black Tea (500g)*
1 x Bingo Blueberry Fruit & Herb Blend (500g)*
1 x Berry Berry Fruit & Herb Blend (500g)*
1 x Blood Orange Black Tea (500g)*
1 x Tea - Mocha Chai (4oz) + Clearance
2 x Tea - Peach Lift (sample) +Clearance
2 x Tea - Apple (sample) + Clearance
2 x Blue Mango Green Tea (500g)*
2 x Strawberry Green Tea (500g)*
2 x Earl Grey Green Tea (500g)*
3 x Green: Genmaicha Yamasaki Exotic Tea (500g)*
1 x Black: Organic Estate Assam Exotic Tea (500g)*
4 x White: Panda Pearls Exotic Tea (500g)*
2 x Celtic Dragon Pendant
2 x Green Man Necklace
2 x Frankincense Resin
2 x Myrrh Resin
6 x Benzoin Resin
1 x Bubblegum (fruity sweet) Fruit & Herb Blend (500g)*
2 x Amsterdam Licorice Black Tea (500g)*
3 x Toffee Apple Fruit and Herb Tea (medium)
4 x Ginger Green Tea (500g)*
1 x Pecan Tart Black Tea (500g)*
2 x Tea Strainer - Empress Tea Room
2 x Pecan Pastry Green Tea (500g)*
2 x Earl Grey DECAF Black Tea (500g)*
2 x Apricot Supreme Fruit & Herb Blend (500g)*
3 x Cinnamon Sibu Green Tea (500g)*
1 x Tea - Pumpkin Spice (sample)+Clearance
1 x Tea - Panettone Vanilla Lemon (sample) +Clearance
1 x Pina Colada Carmen Miranda Fruit & Herb Blend (500g)*
1 x Prince of Wales Classic English Tea (500g)*
1 x Blue Eyes (caramel-fruit) Fruit & Herb Blend (500g)*
1 x Niagara Peach Black Tea (500g)*
1 x Apricot Black Tea (500g)*
1 x Green Tea - Genmaicha (4oz) + Clearance
2 x Deluxe Gift Basket
3 x Golden Leaves Necklace
2 x Celtic Knot of Life
2 x Vanilla Green Tea (500g)*
1 x Lemon Green Green Tea (500g)*
2 x Crime of Passion Green Tea (500g)*
1 x Bohemian Raspberry Green Tea (500g)*
1 x White: Snow Dragon Exotic Tea (500g)*
2 x Tropical Fruit, Fruit and Herb Blend (1.1lb/500g)
1 x English Breakfast Black Tea (500g)*
1 x Blue Lady (fruit blend) Black Tea (500g)*
1 x Deluxe Three Pack
1 x Balinese Rainbow Jasmine (medium)
2 x Earl Grey Cream Black Tea (500g)*
2 x Genmaicha Chai Green Tea (medium)
2 x Apple Black Tea (500g)*
2 x Panettone Vanilla Lemon Black Tea (medium)
3 x Apple Spice Black Tea (500g)*
3 x Blueberry Black Tea (500g)*
4 x Cream Earl Grey Green Tea (500g)*
2 x Brandied Apple Black Tea (500g)*
2 x Copal Resin
2 x Black: Lapsang Souchong Butterfly #1 Exotic Tea (500g)*
2 x Tea - Coconut (4oz) + Clearance
1 x Tea - Blue Lady (sample) + Clearance
1 x Tea - Vanilla (sample) +Clearance
2 x Herb & Fruit Tea - Tropical Fruit (sample) + Clearance
2 x Crime of Passion Green Tea (medium)
1 x Atlantico Lime Green Tea (500g)*
1 x Tea - Buttered Rum (4oz) + Clearance
1 x Tea - Apple (4oz) +Clearance
1 x Blueberry Green Tea (500g)*
1 x Bingo Blueberry Fruit and Herb Tea (medium)
1 x White: Star of China Exotic Tea (500g)*
1 x Tropical Fruit, Fruit and Herb Blend (medium)
1 x Be Mine Chocolate Strawberry Fruit and Herb Tea (medium)
1 x Tea Bag - reusable cotton
1 x Peach Lift Black Tea (medium)
1 x Metal Tongs
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