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Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use

Conditions of using our website.

We are not responsible if you burn yourself with hot, delicious tea. Wear oven gloves when handling boiling water to prevent steam burns. Also, please keep small items (such as jewelry and stones) away from little children as they may represent a potential choking hazard.

Important: Some of our items require an open flame. Please be very careful when using fire, in any form. Incense and resins especially are hot after lighting! Please be extra careful with these items and place them only on fireproof surfaces. Protect your skin from coming into contact with hot surfaces!

By using our website, and purchasing from our store, you agree not to hold us responsible for accidents related to, or intentional misuse of, our products.

... In other words, please do not sue us. We do not have much money anyway, and if you do, you will have to drive all the way to Virginia. No one wants that.

Furthermore, by using this website, you promise not to "borrow" our design, artwork, or text. Everything is © 1996-2022 Dreaming Gates™ and Coy o'Teas™.

That said, we know some of you are going to borrow our content anyway. Therefore we ask the following: if you do, please quote only a small piece and link back to us.

Thank you.