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Welcome to Coy o'Teas

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teas and gifts

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    Coy o'Teas at a Glance:

  • Quality: top-grade Ceylon leaf -- no chemicals, no dust, no fillers. Just good, gourmet tea.

  • Great value: 3oz tea = 40 cups brewed (that's 17.4ยข / cup!) Keeps fresh 10 years unopened.

  • Full flavor: loose tea leaf, natural flavors, top brands like Metropolitan.

  • No Guilt: No Calories! You can have your dessert without gaining any weight! Simply brew our tea.

  • Fast Delivery: 95% of packages go out USPS Priority Mail (1-3 day service).

  • Freshness: Our teas are vacuum sealed for freshness, and our incense is hand-made to order!

  • Environment: simple & recycled packaging; special lined bags mean extra-fresh tea and less waste. 10% of profits go to environmental causes!

  • Satisfaction guaranteed! 30 day return policy.

Super 5 Gift Pack of 5 ten-each incense sticks Purple amethyst stones Nag Champa handmade incense

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In Conclusion...

Coy o'Teas sells the best tea and gifts to be found. We specialize in gourmet dessert tea and exotic tea, as well as premium incense, jewelry, and tumbled stones.

You can buy 3 ounce, vacuum-sealed packages of loose leaf tea or wholesale 1.1 pound (500g) flavors at a discount.

Can't find what you want? We'll even special order it for you!

We serve top-grade loose tea, incense, and tumbled stones 20-60% below retail cost. Guaranteed fresh, premium, made to order!

Wholesale to the public - no resale license, no minimum order required!

Coy o'teas Banner - the best gourmet dessert tea and exotic tea

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